Transcription Test

-welcome to our next stage-

Thank you for your interest in applying.


Thank you for your interest in applying to our job post. We reviewed your answers to our interview questions and we are impress with your response to us. However, as part of our hiring process, we would like to assign you a sample test for us to know how your skills can help our company run smoothly. Is this something favorable to you?

I would also want to remind you that this was just our initial interview and our Manager will be the one to get in touch for final decision.

Ellen Joy Flores
Administrative Assistant
Bynes Transcript & Typing Services

Transcription Test

As mentioned above, here is the link for your transcription test:


  • Please transcribe the first 3-minute of the file
  • Follow this format in creating your file:
  • After finishing the test, kindly forward it to us. Be aware of the format as your attention to detail is also been graded here.
  • Please forward your email address so that we can send your quiz there.
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