Repair Garage Door Opener

How To Set Garage Door Limits?

Garage door openers generally utilize a chain or bolt drive to open up and shut weighty garage doors. Employed in commercial and residential purposes likewise, garage door openers can be bought in numerous horsepower ratings depending on the weight and size of the door in which it is linked. Safety measures are developed into garage doors to help in reducing possible injury when the door opens or closes. Limit adjusting is a safety attribute that ought to be appropriately fixed and examined regularly. To successfully set the limits you need to use blade screw, step ladder and then install the garage door opener. Just follow the following instructions:

  1. Place a step ladder below the control device of the garage door opener which is installed to the ceiling. Put the ladder in order that the "Up" and "Down" limit control adjustment fasteners can be reachable.

  2. Rounds the garage door once letting it either open and shut. Press the button found in the remote control to open and close the door. Watch the travel of the door while it functions.

  3. Put in a blade screwdriver in the "Up" limit adjustment bolt. Rotate the screw clockwise a single full rotation in case the door opens and may never go beyond five feet. Rotate the screw just one more rotation to obtain two inches of travel in the door. Keep on shifting the door one turn each time till the door opens up properly and entirely.

  4. Rotate the "Down" limit adjustment screw control on the left, or counter clockwise, if ever the door won't shut totally. Turn the bolt, one full turn to equal two inches of travel in the garage door.

  5. Turn the "Down" adjustment screw on the right or clockwise to reduce the downward travel in case the door shuts and after that opens up just after getting in touch with the garage ground. Move the control a single complete turn at one time so that the door will close and not open alone.

This is proven to be effective by most homeowners, now it’s your time to perform it. If you encountered some troubles upon doing it, do not hesitate to call a repairman. Just visit here!