World Religion Judaism

by Preston Vaughn

What do Jews believe in?

1.basically jews believe in the torah the whole of the laws given to the israelites at sinai so the torah the ten commandments are in the torah and are life rules you must never break

The Ten Commandments, as written in the Torah, are:

•Worship no other God but me.

•Do not make images to worship.

•Do not misuse the name of God.

•Observe the Sabbath Day (Saturday). Keep it Holy.

•Honor and respect your father and mother.

•Do not murder.

•Do not commit adultery.

•Do not steal.

•Do not accuse anyone falsely. Do not tell lies about other people.

• Do not envy other's possessions.

Why do they believe in this?

there are three basic types of Jewish people

  • Orthodox Jews believe that all of the practices that are in the Torah which it is practical to obey must be obeyed without a question they are basically forced.

  • Next Conservative and Reform (both believe these) believe that the ancient laws have to be interrupted for the modern day life with education contemporary (occurring at the same time) sources and with more concern for community practices than the traditional ritual practices kind of more local.

  • Finally Reform (they also believe separate things like what is about to be said) also allow everyone to sit together men and women,, Hebrew and the local areas language is spoken in their temple services.

  • do Jewish people believe

What makes the believers want to follow its teaching (my opinion)

Because in this religion all of these people even to this day get persecuted and mistreated there people have also been enslaved many times. The fact that they get through all of this and they keep on moving because they believe in what Abraham did and that god will protect them, that is what i call dedication to your religion and to faith.

How do extremists justify their actions, There name is 'Price Tag'.

There is a terrorist group called by the people 'Price Tag'. They have sent many death threats to many people, One particular one was sent to a high level priest of the catholic church. They have been doing continued attacks against the Arabs and Palestinians since 2008. They target mosques, churches, homes and property, and Israeli military bases and vehicles.

They have done a lot of graffiti on places of worship, buildings,and Israeli militant camps.

The private Yeshiva

In Rockland county the population is dominated by orthodox Jews who sen their kids to a private yeshiva. A yeshiva is a school where you study the works and texts of a religion. These schools are being accused of by the state to be starving the public schools and having the private yeshivas in favor. The school board struck back with saying that the state needs to cut back on teachers, make kinder garden a half day not a full day, and getting rid of extracurricular activities. I am personally on the states side because in court the yeshivas get $600 an hour lawyers, i think all of the schools should actually share money not divide it up.

The Art that is also an Artifact?

This is a picture of a murrell that is in a synagogue in Dura Europos this was built approximately 42 C.E throughout 224 C.E. The murrell represents what is the old testament in the bible which was basically everything up until jesus. But in the jewish religion this murrell is about what happens in the torah there are pictures of what happens in it and the main events of it. This would be the room that they put all the texts in and the torah in. I would say that this is both an artifact and art. There was no one person who made this it was actually found and put together by soldiers during world war 1.
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A Poem "The Messiah"

Lord, tell me when

Shall come to men

Messiah blest,

When shall Thy care

His couch prepare

To be my guest,

To sleep on my golden bed,

in my palace rest.

Wake, dear gazelle,

Shake off thy spell,

Nor slumber still.

Dawn like a flag

Surmounts the crag

Of Tabor’s hill,

And its flame it unfurls o’er my

Hermon, the hoar and chill.

From the wild-ass brood

To the grace renewed

Of Thy dainty roe,

O Lord, return,

For behold we yearn

Our love to show,

And our soul with Thy soul at

one as of yore to know.

Thrice welcome he

Who comes to me

Of David’s line,

My palace treasure

Is at his pleasure

With all that’s mine,

My pomegranate, cinnamon, spice, and

the jars of my old sweet wine

By Solomon ibn Gabiro

This poem is talking about the messiah which some one anointed it is a king or high priest. It is someone from the davidic line chosen by god who will rule the united tribes of israel. He is talking about how he needs a messiah and it comes to him and he welcomes him and all of his stuff is also his.