Langston hughes

Langston Hughes achievements

He was the first African American to support himself as a writer, and he
wrote from his own experience

Langston wrote more than 60books threw out the years of 1926 - 1967.

Many of them Langston has wrote is poems, novels, short stories, plays, children's poetry, musicals, operas, and autobiograph

1924 langston had settled in Harlem, New York, and was an important figure

during the Harlem Renaissance. Harlem Renaissance was an African‐American cultural

movement that focused on literature, music, theater, art, and politics. One of his

favorite pastimes was to sit in clubs and listen to the blues as he wrote his poetry.

One of his achievements is that his poems and the way he explain inspired people and makes his saying more agreeable

Langston poetic elements that are represented in the poems

Petpitition and rhyme

The poems I selected

I chose those poems because they are touching, agreeable and inspiring

Why I think Langston should be recognized

I think Langston should be recognized by his work it's inspiring and shows that what his feeling what other people are going threw his pomes could change people make there day and that's why I think Langston Hughes should be recognized