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Monday, November 30, 2015

Social Studies: Revising Essays while on the Road to Revolution

The first drafts of students' colonial regions essays were handed back today. All students are required to make revisions regardless of their grades on the first draft. We worked on these today in class, but most kids will have to complete their revisions on their own. Final revisions are due on Friday (12/4).

To help students complete their revisions, I will be available during lunch and after school all week; students can also work on this at home. (Students should be able to access their essays on the school network by clicking HERE; the actual assignment, research sources, and an example essay are available HERE; class notes about this topic are also available online).

NOTE: The password for all school webpages is Canandaigua .

In class this week we will be continuing to learn about the events that led to the Revolutionary War. We may have a small mini-quiz soon, but we are still a ways away from another unit test. In order to help students learn about this material, I will be handing out flashcards for important vocabulary, and kids will be working on using our class notes to create their own condensed, "creative" notes. (Plus, we will be watching more of John Adams!)

English Reminders

Students should be reading and working on their “Book in a Bag/Box” projects to help share information to the class on their books. Projects are due on Monday, 12/14. Currently, students should be reading independently several nights per week and collecting artifacts to include in their decorated box or bag. Click HERE to view the Book in a Bag Project instructions and rubric.

Also, an reminder that on Tuesday, December 15th (the day after book projects are due), we are headed to Geva Theatre in Rochester to watch a live production of “A Christmas Carol”.

Permission slips are due back by Thursday, December 10th along with $10 for the ticket. Click HERE if you would like to print a new copy of the permission slip.

This Week

Wednesday - Harlem Wizards @ Canandaigua Academy (6:30).

Thursday - CMS Holiday Concert: 7th Grade Band, Orchestra, & Chorus. (7:30 @CMS Auditorium).

Friday - Social Studies essay revisions due.

Canandaigua All-Stars vs. Harlem Wizards

This Wednesday (December 2nd), a team of teachers (including a certain well-known social studies teacher / point guard) and other stars from our school district will take on the Harlem Wizards in a charity basketball game as a fundraiser for the Canandaigua PTSA. The game is at the Academy at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $15 at the door, but $10 in advance, so if you plan on attending, it is worthwhile to buy your tickets ahead of time. (Tickets are available at each school's main office as well as at Canandaigua National Banks).

Secret Snowmen

Cayuga students are starting to make "Secret Snowmen" during advisory this week. Secret Snowmen are holiday greetings with a candy cane that students will be able to purchase during lunch periods during the week of December 14-18. They are 50 cents each, and are "secretly" delivered to recipients during advisory the day after they are purchased. Team Cayuga has sold Secret Snowmen as a community service for the past several years and has raised hundreds of dollars which has been donated to families in need of help during the holidays. So, if your child asks for a few extra dollars that week, it might be for a good cause.

Is there any homework tonight?

All 7th grade students are expected to have and use their agendas throughout the day. Agendas should be the first source for info about assignments, tests, etc. If your child forgets to bring his/her agenda home, (or if what your child recorded is unclear or illegible), you can also try our "homework hotline". You can also check up on missing assignments and/or grades through our Infinite Campus Student/Parent Portal.

Teacher Webpages

Some teachers have their own classroom websites. You may be able to find more information, links, assignments, etc. by visiting their classroom webpages.

NOTE - the password to visit all school websites is: Canandaigua

Mrs. Olvany is particularly good about keeping her website up-to-date with assignments. Click HERE to visit her webpage.

How to contact your child's teachers

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