Ms. Sizemore's Class Newsletter

September 16

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, September 17: Movers and Shakers Club @ Pack Library (3:30)
  • Thursday, September 18: Field Trip to Nature Center
  • Sunday, September 21: International Day of Peace
  • Friday, September 26: Parent-Teacher Conference Day
  • September 22- September 29: Parent- Teacher Conferences
  • Monday, September 29: We will welcome our assistant, Brooke!!!!!

What We're Up To...

Science- Second grade is so lucky to be working with Nina Veteto from Monarch Rescue. She has been coming to our classes to teach us about monarch butterflies. She also provided us with our caterpillars and milkweed. I know the kids have been talking about the caterpillars and all that we have been learning. We should have some butterflies this week. We will tag them and release them to begin their 2,000 mile journey to Mexico. Wow! When we go to the Nature Center, we will learn about the life cycles of other animals.

Reading- We have been talking about how fiction and nonfiction texts are different. This week, students will start making a book of nonfiction text features with examples we find in books and magazines. Students will also create a text feature for a class book about monarch butterflies. During read aloud, we are working on identifying the characters and setting.

Writing- Writing is all about the ability to describe an event or image. This week, we will begin a focus on descriptive writing by describing pictures and the life cycle of monarch butterflies.

Math- Last week, students made 3-D graphs showing the years their pennies were made. We'd learned that pennies made before 1982 are actually worth 2 cents because they are made mostly of copper. We are now focusing on combinations of ten. Soon, students will bring home some games that will help with their math facts fluency.

Class Needs

  • Clipboards
  • Hand Soap
  • Lego Bricks

Thank You!

Thanks to Cassie's family for all the delicious snacks they provided last week.

Thanks to Amy (Stella's mom), Stephanie (Ella's mom), Heather (Hadley's mom) and Bonnie (Nora's mom) for helping the kids make tie-dyed t-shirts.

Thanks to Charlotte (Maya's mom) for supplying extra t-shirts.

Thanks to Amy (Maddox's mom) for coming in to read some fairy tales to the students.