the war of 1812

by:bethany kinney

leading up to the war

France and great Britain were not letting the other trade with the u.s. teririzing each other ways of trading.

war with great Britain begins

James Madison did not want war.they ended up any way up having war with great Britiain anyway.

war at sea

the u.s tried to invade Canada but failed. the uss constatution earned the name old iron sides because the British cannon balls nearly bounced off the sides of the uss.

battles on land

British attack around the u.s exspecily d.c,the president and his wife Fransis wrote the athem,THE STAR SPANGLE BANNER at fort mchenry.

fighting for new Orleans

at the end of 1814 they have been fighting for 2 years and none have been winning.they ended the war and signed a peace tredy.while the news was spreading,Louisiana British attacked b we won with the help of Andrew Jackson.

the return of the peace

the tredy of Ghent returned things to the way they were before.American problems with British also ended. the war in new Orleans made the Americans feel confint about the u.s.