Willow Bend Update


A Note from Mr. Harris

Good afternoon Willow Bend!

I would first like to say thank you to all of you who are trying to make the morning drop off as smooth as it can be with the shortage of our bus drivers right now. I continue to ask you to NOT turn left into our drop off line on Barker and that when you exit our parking lot after dropping off your children, please take a right onto Barker. Also, please pull up as far as you can so we can drop off at least four cars at a time. I know this has been very difficult for families and I appreciate all that you do to keep our students safe and here on time. It is so valuable to have students in their desks and ready to learn by 7:50. Thank you again!

The weather has also been very unpredictable during parent pick up. I suggest you send along a small umbrella to put inside their backpacks in case of rain. This has come up several times within the last two weeks.

Lastly, I would ask that if your child takes the bus to school, please remind them to sit and stay in their assigned seats, keep their hands and feet to themselves, and always wear a mask on the bus, to and from school. We just want to make the ride to/from school as safe as possible.

I hope you have a wonderful week this week and please read for upcoming events and reminders.

In Partnership,

Mr. Harris

Fall Spirit Week is Coming!

Big picture

Guidelines for Halloween Costumes and Volunteers

We have some updated guidelines and reminders for what you should consider having your children wear next week. It is also linked in the above document.

1) Will in-classroom volunteer-led Halloween parties be allowed?

  • Fall Spirit Week will be organized by many schools

  • Morning parade will be scheduled for parents to attend - *See above flyer

2) Do volunteers still require background checks?

  • Volunteers who do not have a child attending that school need to go through human resources and the background check process as they will be working within our schools on a level of frequency (more greater than a one day party).

    • If a volunteer has a student attending that school, they will follow the typical check-in process and provide a state ID/driver’s license and go through the RAPTOR process within the front office.

  • Parents and other regular volunteers are allowed to enter the school office if masked. They must follow the Executive Order and wear a mask in the building at all times.

  • Parents and visitors need to self-certify that they are COVID symptom and fever free.

  • Per guidance, if you are a regular volunteer, you must either show proof of vaccination or a negative test. If you have more regular volunteers, buildings will need to manage this process.

    • Guidelines apply to any volunteer (college students doing observations, PTA, high school volunteers, etc…) who will be in your building on a regular basis.

      • The mandate defines “regular basis” as those who are in a school on a weekly basis.

    • If someone is coming in for a one-off event, or a meeting (IEP, conferences, etc.) and is not a regular volunteer, they do not need to show vaccination status or a negative COVID result.

  • Per ISBE: "School Personnel" means any person who (1) is employed by, volunteers for, or is contracted to provide services for a School or school district serving students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, or who is employed by an entity that is contracted to provide services to a School, school district, or students of a School, and (2) is in close contact (fewer than 6 feet) with students of the School or other School Personnel for more than 15 minutes at least once a week on a regular basis as determined by the School. The term "School Personnel" does not include any person who is present at the School for only a short period of time and whose moments of close physical proximity to others on site are fleeting (e.g., contractors making deliveries to a site where they remain physically distanced from others or briefly entering a site to pick up a shipment).

3) Outside the volunteer-led event, will the kids be allowed to wear costumes during the school day this year?

  • Students can wear costumes to school - no changing at school due bathroom space constraints.

  • Students are still required to wear a mask

Per the Student Handbook: Students are permitted to wear costumes on Halloween as long as their attire complies with the above student appearance policy and meets the following set of expectations for a school setting:

  • Children should not wear bloody, gruesome, or especially scary costumes. Costumes involving fake blood are not allowed.

  • Actual weapons, look-alike weapons, toy weapons or weapon-like objects are not allowed.

  • Masks that cover the face and head are not allowed.

  • Costume make-up is allowed provided it does not cover the student’s entire face. Staff members must be able to identify students.

  • Costumes that could be offensive or perpetuate a stereotype about someone’s culture, gender, heritage or religion are not allowed.

  • Reminder: Students are expected to wear a face covering/mask to school each day.

  • Check with all schools. Most schools have historically had their kids change into costumes during the day.

Picture Retakes are TOMORROW - October 18th

Dear Willow Bend Families & Staff,

By now you should have received your (your child’s) school portrait proof sheet (if you didn’t purchase prior to picture day) or the package. If you’re not satisfied with the portrait, you can have another shot on the Picture Retake Day on Monday, October 18. Please bring back the proof/package so the photographer can enter this into their system with new shot to ensure the correct order.

If the child was absent on Picture Day, he/she can get the photo taken in the Retake day as well.

News from the PTA

Willow Bend Fall Festival Is Coming!

Saturday, November 6th

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the Willow Bend Parking Lot

The event will include:

- Scarecrow Contest sponsored by Kumon Learning Center in Rolling Meadows

- Scavenger Hunt

- Crafts with a "Willow Bend Gives Thanks" theme

- Donuts & Apple Cider served by Donut Drop

- Purple Me Green Science Truck

More information will be coming tomorrow. For more information or if you would like to sign up for the Scarecrow contest, or to become a PTA Member, please to to: