Mandatory Military Service

Should Teens join the Military?

Teen Choices

I believe that teens should have that choice if they want to join or what previous choices they have made so if they were breaking the law be attacking a cop or attempted murder or any major things of that sort. In stead of them going to jail and being locked away then returned back to commit more crimes, they should be put in the military and learn to respect their country and the people how protect and fight for their country, So maybe they will stop breaking they law and make people's job harder than what it is and make America great again!


There are good reasons why military style boot camps for teenagers handle juveniles using tactics that are tough and uncompromising.These types of boot camps are generally set up to provide a way to rehabilitate teenagers who are in trouble with the law and are facing some serious difficulties with the police or the courts over crimes that have been committed.That means that these tough and no nonsense juvenile boot camps receive young people that are also tough and defiant to authority. While not all teenagers who end up in a boot camp facility are violent, many of them do have a violent history.
Teen Boot Camp