The Calm by: John Donne

alicia laliberte


  1. John was born in London, England on January 22, 1572.
  2. John spent most of his life in London and spent about a few weeks in prison.
  3. Johns education or training he had was that he was a lawyer, priest and a satirist but while he was in collage he started to write poems.
  4. His lifestyle was not that good for making bad choices. One example is because for about a few weeks he was imprisoned for married his employers niece and also was fired . After John got out of prison life he had to struggle to help support his family.
  5. The type of art that John Donne created was writing poems. Some examples of his work is "The calm","The storm" and "A fever" and many other poems.
  6. Johns patrons were his friend and his friends mother

The work

  1. The name of this piece is called "The Calm".
  2. "The Calm", was created in 1597
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  4. what is signifacate about this poem is that is complex like it's writer
  5. I find this piece very interesting because the reader expect the storm that the poet is talking about to calm down but the storm doesn't ever calm down. I like that because it is a poem that is serendipitous which is very interesting and not boring to read.
  6. This poem repersents skeptisim because people expect the poem to end well be it doesn't so it makes people question why it didn'nt end well.

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