Self Discovery Credential

Autumn Saunders

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ is being able to control, be aware of and express your emotions.

I am intermediate in Emotional Intelligence. I need to improve on certain aspects if it, such as social skills, I am a very good listener however I am not always good at getting my point across to people I am working with. However I am very strong in other pieces of Emotional Intelligence, for example, I am a strong self regulator.

My goals are to continue to grow in my weak areas of EQ. I was generally pleased with my Emotional Intelligence test results, they were fairly good,


Grit is the ability to persevere.

According to my test results I am not good at persevering. I got a three out of five. I do not agree with my test results, I try my hardest to have grit. The only things I don't persevere in are things that are not detrimental to my future, but if I enjoy doing something and I don't have the time in my schedule to do it I'll take a break and continue it later. Most of the time I finish things I start.

My goal is to work on grit and have it become more natural rather than having to push myself to finish things.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology says that if a person is positive about something, that something, will be better in the end than if they are negative about it.

I think I struggle a little bit in positive psychology, I do sometimes get annoyed that I have to do something, everyone does. I think that knowing that if i am positive about something it will get done better motivates me to be positive about things more often.

Learning Style

Learning Style is how someone learns, it is categorized into three main branches, Auditory, Visual and Tactile.

I am a visual learner. I learn by seeing things be done and reading what I have to do. I am also somewhat an auditory learner.

My results are posted below.

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Social Style

Social style is how an individual interacts with other people.

I am both an Extrovert and an Introvert. Which means I am equally shy and outgoing, depending on the situation i could be either. To put it into perspective, I like to be part of what is going on but I don't always want to be the leader.

Communication Style

Communication Style is how someone communicates with others. People are generally, Assertive, Passive, Aggressive or a combination.

I am Assertive/Aggressive. It basically means I don't have a problem speaking my mind and if someone says something I don't like or agree with I will voice my opinion. It also means I am usually a successful leader. I am good at having people do what they need to do.