The PRIDE of West Mesquite

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Committee

Are you in the hall before your conference?

This is just a reminder that we need all hands on deck between passing periods to encourage positive hallway behavior. Please locate one of the "hot spots" near your classroom to monitor in the 5 minute passing period before your conference. Positively interact, redirect, and encourage students to make their way quickly to class.

PRIDE Points

You can give points to students for all kinds of reasons:

Dress code

Helping others

Working extra hard

Using manners

The possibilities are endless!

Remember that PRIDE character trait rewards are worth 5 points a piece. Just log-on to HERO to start rewarding your students today!

Coming Soon!

More information on badges and PRIDE points during staff development on Monday, September 28th!


Erin Behunin

Alyssa Boyett

Jessica Bradshaw

Adrian Carillo

Cameron Gipson

Mistie McClelland

Jennifer Meek

Karen Morris

Shelly Regan

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