March Scorecard

Q1 Report for SofTrek Sales & Marketing

March highlights

  • Our web traffic continues to remain strong at well over 50%. Our direct traffic has also been doing well (32%) due to trade show season promotions.
  • I added a metric under CTA's for the new, short demo video. Our debute month brought in 3 views (testing views not counted).
  • Social media performed very well this month with engagement doubling across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Notes from Q1

  • Organic traffic remained in the 50-60% range throughout Q1, which is right in our B2B sweet spot.
  • Our average time on site is fairly consistent (1 minute 30 seconds). This metric holding around 1:30 shows that our content is remaining relevant enough to engage prospects. It is Marketing's goal to maintain, if not increase time on site with the web redesign.
  • Mobile traffic is still a smaller percentage of our visitors at 10%. However, it is important to note that having a responsive or mobile site is now a factor in Google rankings. Responsive design is being incorporated into our web redesign.
  • CTAs performed at average levels throughout Q1.
  • Social media postings have increased and Marketing is working to better measure how each post performs and track what types of content followers/friends most like to see.
  • Client email has been performing well with a solid open rate and very few opt-outs (0-1 per email campaign).

Looking ahead

Goals for Q2 and beyond

  • Complete redesign of website, including new content, responsive design and re-targeted meta content
  • Continue content plan for social media and measure results against 2015
  • Investigate value and strategy for increasing use of Pinterest
  • Continue to promote new monthly newsletter and increase subscriptions
  • Finalize and distribute Catalog of Services to clients
  • Initial planning for 2017 User Conference, including possible promo for SofTrek's 30th anniversary.

Trade show thoughts

  • Overall, our two March shows brought in 10 prospects which were followed up on via email. Organizations ranged from our low end ($5 million) up to higher end clients. This measured up similarly to 2015 and 2014.
  • Booth locations were good, especially the front positioning of our AFP booth.
  • Vendors relations continues to remain a large part of our trade show experience.
  • In our trade show review meeting, it was determined that a more formalized "training" session would be good to have with exhibit staff each year. This would include items like new integrations, partners we are looking for/not interested in, reviewing latest feature releases, etc. These sessions will start with our March 2017 shows.

See below for further information.

Scorecard upgrade!

I've been trying out a dashboarding tool (Dasheroo) which links directly to social, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, etc. This will allow me to create and update visually appealing dashboard reports easily and online, rather than the attachment with tabs method we are currently using. I will be sending everyone a link to access the dashboards I created so far. Check it out and let me know what you think!