Belgian Tapestries

Belgian Tapestries: Care & Maintenance

Our antique carpets, Belgian tapestries and other such delicate items of home décor are subjected to the daily abuse such as dust and fungus. These sophisticated and valuable items especially Tapestries require utmost care and protection from degrading elements. In this write-up you will read how to clean Belgian tapestry in the simple ways possible.

Cleaning Belgian Tapestry

Your Belgian tapestry is wall-mounted and therefore experiences less wear and tear as compared to your floor carpets or upholstered seating. It should therefore need less care and maintenance. A periodic vacuum cleaning of tapestry from front and back will be enough to keep your tapestry off dust. This type of maintenance will allow your tapestry to suffice years to come. In case of antique and valuable Belgian Tapestry, you should consider getting them dry-cleaned at least twice in a year.

How to Keep Your Belgian Tapestry Fade Proof

Since Belgian tapestry is made of the combination of textile and colorful threads that are hand woven into it to form a pattern, it is likely that it may fade over time just like any textile may do. If you want to minimize the risk of tapestry fading, do not hang it in direct sunlight. Make sure the place where you mount your Belgian tapestry; do not receive any direct sunlight. On the other hand, you can tint your windows to lessen the damaging UV rays of the sun from reaching tapestry.

Therefore, in order to keep your Belgian tapestry alive for many years to come, periodically dust your tapestry and for that you can either make use of soft brush or vacuum clean them. Moreover, if necessary opt for dry cleaning,

Hope this brief read help you clean and maintain your Belgian Tapestry.

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