Chemical Reactions

Sodium and Water Chemical Reaction !!! HUGE EXPLOSION !!!
In this video sodium and water are out together and a explosion occurs. The balanced chemical formula is 2Na + 2H2O -> 2NaOH + H2,it is a Single replacement. I know a chemical reaction occurred because an explosion occurred, and there was also a bit of fire.

Chemical Reactions: Hydrochloric Acid + Aluminium Foil Bomb

In this video, this man puts a ball of aluminium inside a bottle; then adds hydrochloric acid, and closes the bottle. Then after around the 30 seconds the bottle explodes and white smoke fills the room. The balanced equation for this reaction is 2 Al + 6 HCL ---> 2 AlCl3 + 3 H2 and it's a single replacement reaction. I know a chemical reaction occurred because heat and flame was produced, since it exploded.

Make a glow stick reaction with real chemicals
I n this video this man puts some chemicals together to make the liquid inside the bottle glow.

The balanced chemical formula for this is cyalume + H2O2 -----> trichlorophenol + 2CO2+ dye. This is a combustion reaction. A chemical reaction occurred because light was produced.