Gonzalez Premier Express

Racing to Premier


To become the PREMIER elementary school in Dallas ISD
Thank you so much for a great first week of school. You have done a terrific job setting the stage for what will take place for the next 174 days of school. We started out immediately with Good First Instruction!!! Let's continue to greet students with smiles and consistent firmness as well as engaging learners in order to increase student achievement and reduce class disruption.


Our 5A students will lead us during announcements this week. Please, make sure students are familiar with the script and report to the office by 7:58 a.m. I would like to start announcements no later than 8:05 a.m.


All teachers for the support during lunch time; it helped to set the cafeteria routine and procedures.

Ms. Villalobos for a job well-done; she had 100% of our students scheduled by day one. Her commitment and support are appreciated.

Everyone at Gonzalez for embracing and supporting our new Special Education unit to campus. It takes a village to raise a child!!!

Ms. Smith and her team for their flexibility and support during Breakfast in the Classroom and lunch. Let's continue to do follow their instructions so that our students will benefit from having meals at no cost to them.

Daily Events

* August 31 -

Last day for Benefits Enrollment

Soccer Girls begins

IStation 101 - K-2 reading teachers who did not attend last week

Continue to working on getting your tutoring students ready - Use last year's data

and your pre-assessment data.

* September 1 -

IStation ISIP BOY window opens through September 25 (K-2)

Summer homework packets due - Please, send a list of students to Ms. Edwards

Continue to meet with your grade level teams to align your lessons.

* September 2 -

Weekly PLC Meetings - Data analysis

* September 3 -

3:30 - 5:-00 Weekly PD

* September 4 -

Curriculum maps due

Calibration walk with Mr. Lusk


  • LO clearly written in student friendly language.

  • DOL execution at the end of the lesson and have evidence of

  • Student engagement using MRS

  • Evidence of the lesson cycle and differentiation

  • Use of higher order thinking questions

  • Relevance and Rigor


As we begin our SPOT observations, please be very consistent in the effective implementation of various practices discussed during our TEI orientation and PLC last week. With regards to the learning objective, the proficient rating states:

Focuses students at the beginning and throughout the lesson, by clearly stating

and explaining to students

  • What they are learning
  • Why it is important
  • What mastery looks like
  • How to connect it to prior knowledge and their own lives