Emerald Sketch Art therapy Response

Awareness Week October 22

Newtown, CT Child therapy Director visiting Santa Fe

The intention of this newsletter is to announce the visit of Nicole Porter Willcox, the founding Director of the Emerald Sketch and advocate for post trauma mental health services in response to human-made disasters. Willcox engaged the first professional mental health program in Newtown, CT in direct response to the Sandy Hook School tragedy.

Having made an initial visit to Santa Fe the Emerald Sketch recruited and began working directly with local Art therapist Renee Somers to bring you Art therapy. If you or your family survivors seem to need support please contact us! You are welcome to request a private assessment or create your own group with family, friends, or colleagues.

Willcox will be in Santa Fe hosting workshops on “How Art therapy heals trauma” with Renee Somers Monday evening October 22,, throughout the day Tuesday, October 23, as well as that evening.

The intention of this outreach mission is to assess your community’s need for mental health services and offer small group and family therapy immediately this November and December.