Bobby Jones

By: Michael Foster


Bobby Jones was a very smart guy, he went to Harvard University to get an English literature degree, and later became a lawyer. As a lawyer he worked for his father at his father's firm. He wasn't just an intelligent guy though he was also a big part in the sports community of the 1920's. He was an amazing golfer. He was known as the best amateur golfer there was at that time. Bobby was one of the most popular sports star of this time behind Babe Ruth. He had a very bad temper to start off his early career, but as he got more competitive in the game he controlled his anger. He was a great competitor and was very honest. He once called a penalty on himself which cost him to win another U.S. Open. He won thirteen major championships in his career. He won the U.S. Open four times and the British Open three times. The most memorable championship he won however was the Grand Slam win. This is because he was the first person ever to win the Grand Slam. Although he had health issues when he was younger and older. He had a short life and died at the age of 69 of a heart aneurysm. Bobby Jones was a great golfer, but even a better man.
Bobby Jones - Clearing The Left Side


1. Are you suppose to move your leading leg on the back swing?

2. When does your leading foot hit the ground?