The Different Shoes I Wear

Madeline Weber


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I am worn in converse shoes

they're comfortable, they go with almost anything, and they last for practically forever

How Do I see Myself?

I see myself as a fairly normal teenager who isn't afraid to do her own thing and oppose the crowd. I also see myself as hardworking and someone who gets really enthusiastic over select topics. I have a habit of doodling on my paper at school.

Do You Like What You See?

Absolutely- and I wouldn't change myself for the world. I'm honestly proud of myself for figuring out how to be my own individual person who's influenced by her influences and not the majority. I consider it a private victory that I can see myself positively.

In which ways do my paradigms of Myself and Others Help Me? Are There Some That Hold Me Back?

I tend to see the best in people right form the very start. I never tend to hate somebody purely based of the fact that I have no idea who they really are, even if they did do something horrible in their past. I tend to get to know people in the present before I dig into their past for this very reason. This helps me because I look for and focus on the positive attributes of people and not the negative. It's highly affective. It's a public victory because I have people who think it's great my mind operates that way.


My Likes and Dislikes

I really like the arts- it's my life center essentially. Theater (I work backstage on a lot of the things at the PAC including the plays, and I also do the same thing with civic theater), art (mostly drawing), movies, animation and music (listening, and I also play the piano and the clarinet). I tend to choose my friends based off of similar interests, and personally I think most of the people who enjoy these things are incredibly nice. My dislikes are pretty much only people who are straight out rude to people they don't even know. I don't believe there's any reason to be rude to anybody no matter what they've done. Everybody has feelings no matter what you believe they did that made you make the comment in the first place.

What is Important to Me?

My paradigm in life is being comfortable- so i'd say comfort because all the things that make me comfortable are important. My family and friends, some of my possessions, and movies and music are all important to me because they give me comfort.

Which Principles Do I Choose to Live by and How are They Benefiting Me?

Along with seeing the best in everybody, I also choose to be comfortable in my now skin. It seems simple enough- just be you, but it's actually super hard, especially in high school where everyone tries so hard to either fit in or try so hard to stand out. I had this paradigm shift in about 8th grade when my group of friends from middle school decided to live their lives exactly how I didn't want to. This is benefiting me because it's teaching me to be more confident with myself and that it's ok to be different some times.


My Personal History

I've always lived in Sun Prairie, in the same house, and in the same room (except the 2 or so years before my brother was born). My family is relatively normal. I grew up watching my family work hard also having fun at the same time. I also grew up on Disney everything- and it continues to this day! You could say that we're obsessed with Disney. We also take a lot of family vacations so we have a lot of quality family time together. I have one younger brother and we're pretty much each other's best friends. It confuses me when siblings say they hate each other's guts because i've never had that with my brother.

What Things in Life Affect My Self-Esteem?

I hate to admit it, but what people think (or what I think they're thinking) about me affects my self esteem, I wish it wasn't that way, but it is. I feel like i generally have low confidence and low self concept. When people comment how great I am at something it deposits into my personal bank account, and when people tell me to quiet down and things like that, I take a withdrawal. I try to ignore that, because other people shouldn't affect me that way. The only person who should affect my self esteem should be me.


What Judgments do I believe other people make about me?

I feel like people think i'm awkward, shy and different. I usually try it ignore what people thing about me and just pay attention to what I think about me.

The type of first impression I try to leave is....

I really don't think I leave a much different first impression that anybody else- I try to stay fairly neutral on what we discuss just incase something comes up that A) I'm not comfortable discussing or B) is me giving information about myself, I tend to be a closed book until somebody asks, then I'll share the bare minimum.

What do I do in Life that show I am a proactive or reactice person? How can i be more proactive?

I don't tend to get mad at a lot of 'whoops! I spilled my water- I better get a paper towel and clean it up'.... and i leave it at that. Rather than arguing i tend to call state evidence that supports my argument (thank you all the essays i've had to write in school!). I also tend to not 'get' victimitis very often. I try to take responsibility for my faults. I try to use my conscience and other human tools to help solve problems.

As for being more proactive I guess I would instead of clenching my jaw and thinking what I would say on things that do upset me would be to say what I want to. I wouldn't explode, just state my opinion and leave it at that. The worst they would do is say why i'm wrong and I could just ignore them.


My Goals for the Future

-Stay onto of school work

-Practice drawing more

-Make sure I have time for myself, that's not me procrastinating

-go to a great animation college

Inspiration for My Goals

- The idea of not being stressed about school work that needs to be done

-art is super relaxing- so something to look forward to

Which time quadrant do I fall into most of the time and what changes could I make to be more successful?

I am definitely a procrastinator. I tend to put off things I don't think are as important or as interesting. I do tend to get urgent things done though. To make myself more successful I could do the 'boring' things first and then do the fun things as a reward.