Martin Mustangs Monday Message

April 15th

MC^2 Parent Meeting Night

Please join us tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16th, for Martin’s last MC^2 Parent Meeting (Building Meaningful Connections and Meaningful Collaborations).Teachers will have two sessions, one at 4:30pm and the other at 5:30pm to allow parents to attend sessions for more than one child. Please be on time, as we will not be able to let late comers interrupt the meetings. If you come after 4:30, we will ask you to wait until the 5:30pm session starts. As you come in, you will be directed to your child’s classroom. You will learn about the end of the year grade level expectations and strategies to support their learning at home. We hope that you will be able to attend and take this opportunity to collaborate with our staff and learn strategies to support your child’s progress at Martin Elementary! MC^2 Parent Meeting Night is a time for you to have an opportunity to learn about your child’s progress as well learn strategies and activities to improve your child’s academic performance. 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students will attend the meetings along with you. We respectfully request that students/children pk-1st grade stay home with appropriate care providers. However, childcare will be provided for Martin students during the MC^2 meeting.

Two Way Dual Language Meeting- April 16th

We would like to invite all parents/guardians of children who will be in kindergarten for the 2019-2020 school year to our Two-Way Dual Language Program Information Meetings. There will be one last meeting: April 16th (4:15PM). Parents will have an opportunity to learn about our Two-Way Dual Language program and the application process.
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Deanan Popcorn Sales

Beginning today through April 26th, students will have an opportunity before school and during their lunch time to purchase Deanan Gourmet Popcorn. Popcorn will be $2.00 per bag, and a portion of sales will go to our student activity account. Parents, you may purchase popcorn in the front office from 8-3 pm daily while supplies last. We look forward to a successful fundraiser!
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Mustang Gallop







Due to weather there will be a new date for the Mustang Gallop. Come one, come all to our annual Martin Mustang Gallop! We will be hosting a 1K Fun Run for our students and their families to promote fitness and wellness. The Fun Run is scheduled for Friday, April 26th at the school and will begin at 4:45 pm. Participants will receive Fun Run Bags (including water bottles, sweat bands, etc), snacks, t-shirts, ribbons/medals, and will be entered for a chance at a door prize. We are expecting more than 400 participants this year so make sure you sign up and arrive early!

Pre-registration is REQUIRED to enter the Fun Run. Registration will be through Thursday, April 25th for $7 per student. Please ask for a registration form and make payment to the front office.

Jump Rope A Thon

On Friday April 26th, our students will have the opportunity to participate in a Jump Rope A Thon. During their specials times students will participate in jump rope related activities to help raise money for the American Lung Association. Your child will bring home a parent donation letter outlining how this will benefit the American Lung Association. We are asking all parents and family members that are able to donate help us reach our school goal of $1000.00. Every amount helps in reaching our goal. Thank you in advance for all of your support!
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Summer Enrichment Program

We are excited about Summer Enrichment this year! Students will have an opportunity to participate in engaging academic activities to enrich their learning and prepare them for the next grade level. Our summer enrichment dates will be as follows:

June 3-27

1st-4th grade 8:00am-1:00pm

PK/Kindergarten 8:00am-3:00pm

The summer program will be held here at Martin Elementary. Your child must be invited to participate. Permission slips and registration information will sent home in the next week if your child is invited.

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Social Media

Parents, social media is on the rise and is an active part of children's' lives. It is important to be mindful of what your child is participating in and posting on social media. We have seen a rise across the country in violence related to inappropriate use/and or abused use of social media. We want to keep our Mustangs safe here at school. We need your help in order to do this; Please make sure your children are not posting or participating in inappropriate activity online, or posting any sensitive information about themselves such as: where they attend school, their full name, or age. We cannot control outside content on social media, but we can do our part to keep our students safe here at school. We appreciate your help in this matter.

Please read the district Acceptable Use Policy below:

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Student Responsibilities for Using Network Resources

The use of Alief ISD Electronic devices computer systems, and networks, software and Internet is to support research and education in and among academic institutions by providing access to unique resources and the opportunity for collaborative work. Content residing on district owned resources is property of Alief ISD. The use of Alief ISD computers, computer systems, computer networks, software, and Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. Illegal activities are strictly forbidden. All information including electronic mail (email) is not guaranteed to be private. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the appropriate authorities. The campus and central administrative team will deem what is inappropriate use, and their decision and the consequences are final. Appropriate use of digital resources and devices must follow all requirements, approval processes and guideline statements set forth in the Responsible Use Practices Guideline document and the Bring Your Own Device Policy. Alief ISD will educate all students about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites, in chat rooms, and on cyberbullying awareness and response.

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Dates to Remember

  • April 15-Two Way Dual Language Meeting (2:30 PM)
  • April 16-MC^2 #3 (4:30 PM and 5:30 PM)
  • April 16-4th Grade Youngblood Transition Field Trip
  • April 16-Two Way Dual Language Meeting (4:15 PM)
  • April 19th-No School
  • April 22-4th grade transition field trip to Owens
  • April 22-Brighter Bites
  • April 23-Summer Enrichment Registration 4:30-6:30 @ Martin Elementary
  • April 26-2nd Grade Writing CCA Test
  • April 26-Kindergarten Field Trip to Dewberry Farms
  • April 26-Mustang Gallop 4:45-6:00PM
  • April 27-Young Men's Conference @ Elsik Ninth Grade Center
  • April 29-Brighter Bites
  • April 29-GT Showcase
  • April 30-Math DCA Test #1 Kn & 1st Grade
  • April 30-Math DCA Test #2 2nd Grade