Come to Darwin Australia Today!

In the Northern territory

The attractions are great

Darwin is known for their many different cultural markets and restaurants just like the melting pot of America. Crystal clear water on the beaches so you can see where your swimming. Many beautiful fish to look at and to swim with to. This tropical capital of Australia is almost to much to resist.

Many things to do with the family

You can maybe learn how to surf with the family or learn how to sand surf in the desert with sand surfing or maybe even learn about the history of how the people who came to Australia were criminals for the U.K. because they ran out of room for jails and sent them to there and they started their own colony.

Is there many bad animals

Yes there are in the desert like the most poisonous snakes spider and scorpions but that doesn't matter if there in the desert. And in the water there are killer jellyfish but you just need to look around for them and be careful.

Darwin Australia

Here where it is on the map