Go West Book Project

Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie by Kristiana Gregory

Focus Question: What kinds of obstacles did the pioneers face on their journey?

Some Of The Obstacles The Settlers Faced On Their Journey West.

There was many great challenges the settlers had to face on their journey west. Some of the main challenges were mountains, Indians, rivers, and long hot plains. Some of the mountains the settlers faced were the Rockies, Sierra Nevadas, Cascades, and even the Appalachian mountains for some of the settlers. The Native Americans were big threats to the settlers because the settlers did not know whether they were good or bad. Rivers were an obstacle because they had to be crossed. When the settlers crossed the rivers many drowned. Another obstacle the settlers had to face were the long hot plains. The plains were an obstacle because of lack of water. When the settlers crossed the plains many died of dehydration.

geographic Obstacles

Obstacles in Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie

Some the obstacles that were mentioned in the book.

"Does he mean more rivers to cross...?" this quote was said by Hattie. This quote from the book shows that they had to cross many rivers. "The Indians haven't hurt us yet." This quote was also said by Hattie. The quote shows how the settlers had to be on guard incase of indians. These were the two main obstacles that the book talked about. Hattie only had to face one mountain range and that was the Rockies.

Native Americans

The Native Americans

During the westward expansion many people encountered many indians. Some of the indian tribes the settlers ran into were the Nez Perces, Cheyenne, and the Pomo. Some of the Native Americans were angry at the settlers for intruding their space. Other Native Americans were nice and welcoming to the settlers.

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