The Juliano Journal

Week of April 4-8

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a great spring break! It was so much fun to reunite with my favorite third graders on Monday. :) They did a great job of getting right back into the school routine.

On Tuesday the students completed their final PARCC test. What an excitement that was! If your child missed any test because of an absence, he/she will be making up the test(s) next week.

On Monday the Meerkats will be celebrating their positive behavior and choices by spending the morning at Xtreme Wheels. The students may bring their own skates from home or they can rent skates from Xtreme Wheels at no cost. Please make sure your Meerkat brings or wears socks this day. If you are planning on helping out at this activity, please meet at Xtreme Wheels around 9:30. I am so looking forward to this trip, as I know all of the Meerkats are! It should be a great time!

Have a great weekend! Let's hope for some warmer weather!

Miss Juliano

Curriculum News

Language Arts

This week we continued our study of traditional literature. We spent time reading fables and folktales, and the students determined the moral of the stories. Students also found evidence in the text to explain how the characters learned the important life lesson.

Next week will be a fun week in language arts because the students will be writing their own folktales. The students will be responsible for creating a fictional story that includes characters who learn an important lesson. The students are so excited to have this chance to be creative, and some of them already have great ideas! Ask your child what moral his/her characters will learn in the folktale. :)


This week in math we began Unit 9: Multiplication and Division. This unit has 4 main areas of focus:

  • to multiply and divide with multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000
  • to use mental math to multiply
  • to share money
  • to find products of 2-digit numbers

In this unit students will learn multiple methods of multiplication with 2-digit numbers. Students will ultimately get to decide which method they like the best after learning and practicing each method.

It is so important that your child continues to practice multiplication facts each night. By the end of third grade, students are expected to be fluent in the facts 0-10, so please help your child find time to practice every day.


This week we began our last unit of science for the year, Ideas and Inventions. This unit consists of four sequential investigations that promote student creativity and inventiveness. Each investigation provides valuable science content while introducing a conventional technique for revealing the unseen.

The first technique we discussed this week was rubbing. Students learned that they can make a picture of a textured object using the rubbing technique. They had so much fun rubbing different objects around the room, and had a great time guessing their classmates' mystery rubbings!

Important Dates

Monday, April 11th: Meerkat Skating at Xtreme Wheels

Let's Hear From the Students!

Angel and Haylie say....

we are excited for the Meerkat activity on Monday for roller skating it is going to be awesome yay!!!! we are going to have a good time!! we are doing multiplication and division it is really hard and easy some of them of them!
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