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November 8th, 2021

Hello D6 Staff!

This week's newsletter contains a lot of important updates and useful information for staff. smores will be sent out on Monday going forward as updates to the guidance is often received late friday afternoon or early Monday morning. My goal is to provide everyone with the most current information available. In response to the many suggestions or requests I have received, we are updating some of the policies/protocols and alert processes.

This newsletter has a lot of information packed into. I know it can be overwhelming to receive so much new information and/or changes at one time. The changes being made are to either make things easier for everyone across the board or they are changes made based on the most current research in regards to COVID-19.

Those of you who have worked with me on a day-to-day basis, know that I am always available to help you understand the guidance, the protocols, to clarify things, to listen to your concerns, to provide you with the latest research, etc. Being in this new role as District Nurse Administrator has not changed that. If any staff, student, or parent is ever unsure about something, needs more information on our protocols/policies, or has any question, I am still available to them. I want all of us to feel safe and confident while at school. Together, as a team, we can do amazing things! (Even navigate through this pandemic!)

COVID-19 FILM: A Message of Hope (Inspirational Video)

Should I be offering remote learning?

As of December 1st, T&L will no longer be facilitating RL. To try and make this transition seamless, you can begin offering RL to your students that have been out for more than 3 days, without being notified from T&L, regardless of what symbol is or is not present for that student in PS.

Otus should be used as the platform to facilitate RL for grades 3-8.

PreK-2nd grade will use SeeSaw as their platform for remote learning. If you are unfamiliar with Otus or SeeSaw, please reach out to T&L at this time so they can assist you.

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Snacks on Snacks on Snacks!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been very taxing on our student's mental health. The new normals for school, make school even less desirable to some students. Many things were taken for granted prior to the pandemic. One of those things being classroom celebrations and the impact they have on students.

Celebrations create happiness and happy environments. Research has shown a correlation between happier students and higher grades. That being said we want to contribute to happier students and staff!

Students can now bring snacks/treats to school for celebrations. The mitigations listed below need to be followed strictly to ensure we are keeping everyone safe and healthy.

  • Food brought in by students must be store bought and still have the ingredient list attached.
  • Teachers need to have a list of students with food allergies and what their allergy is on hand at all times to reference before passing out any food items.
  • Teachers will clean hands, then wear gloves to pass out food items to students. Students should not be grabbing their item from a package. Teachers need to be the only one touching the food and container prior to the student receiving the food item.
  • Items with nuts are strictly prohibited.

If any of your students have a food allergy, please notify parents so they can provide a snack that ALL of your students are able to enjoy.

Cheri Sinkovec BSN RN

District Nurse Administrator