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A Family Newsletter: Week of November 6th

Golden Nuggets from the Counselor

Being thankful and showing gratitude

I will talking with our students about being thankful and showing gratitude this month. Here are some ways you could continue the lessons at home this month...

Ask every day one thing your student is thankful for today

Start a thankful jar- where each family member writes down something they are thankful about their family

Do random acts of kindness either for each other in the family or as a family for others

Talk about ways you express gratitude in your family and towards others

Make placemats or place holders to share with extended family about things for which you are thankful

Make a family gratitude journal and write down the things for which you are thankful

These are just a few ideas. Here some other fun ideas for sharing thankfulness and gratitude: or

create your own and share with us at Baxter. Looking forward to hearing our students share what they are thankful for and how they spread their gratitude to others.

Baxter's Hub- Nancy Robertson, Library Media Specialist

What's Happening at Baxter?!

Upcoming Events and Activities

Monday, 11/6: 2nd Grade 911 Presentation in the library

Wednesday, 11/8: Muffins with Mom at 7am in the cafe

Friday, 11/10: 1st and 2nd graders to MHS for the play

Monday, 11/13: PTO Meeting in the cafe at 6:30pm, Turkey feathers for sale all week

Friday, 11/17: Thanksgiving Feast during our lunches

Monday, 11/20-11/24: Thanksgiving Break

Want to team with the JOY of Midlothian?

We encourage each of our students to get involved with the community! The Joy of Midlothian is a great way to do so!! Check out the video below and you can fill out the application below and turn it in to the front office!

Need Canvas Help?!!

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