Internet saftey

By Andrew william Egnarski


In my Subject Internet safety is a serious subject and It is ruining more and more people's lifes each day. This is not a laughing matter and make sure to be safe on the internet and make good decisions. Im going to tll you some facts about internet saftey.
internet danger video
93% of teenagers us the internet

34% of youth online saw sexual materials online that they did not want to see, including pictures of people naked or having sex

1 in 7 kids (ages 12 to 17-years-old) were sexually solicited or approached online.

30% of kids consider meeting people online.Only 27% who encountered unwanted sexual material told a parent. Of the youth who found it upsetting or it made them feel afraid – 42% told a parent.

Car Wreck Car Crash and Social Internet Safety

5 ways to prevent getting harassed.

  1. Always know who you are talking too
  2. Be Careful with Email
  3. do not give out your address
  4. don't pretend to be someone your not
  5. don't give out your phone number


All in all make sure to be safe on the internet and have a fun time.