Dance Trends in The 60's

Taylor Tidwell

The 1960's, known as the Sixties, was a time of great changes in the U.S. One major influence was music, which changed how people expressed themselves through dance. All Americans used dance as a way to express themselves as free spirits.

According to, our dance fads were influenced by many cultures. The African American dancers began going to night clubs and introducing new dance moves in the U.S. New moves were named after animals. "The Pony", "The Dog", and "The Chicken" were just a few of the new moves to hit the clubs.

The Sixties were also full of hippies who expressed themselves through more "free dance". They often moved slowly to music that was exploding that was expressing distaste of the on going war in Vietnam.

Dance Trends Change with Time and Music

Dances changed each year when a famous song is released. In the Sixties, it was The Twist, but today we have dances like dabbing or whipping. Dances will always change with the songs you have in time. Dance trends can either be liked or disliked. Most popular dance trends make us feel happy when we dance. As we move on in the time, dances will vary for us.

The Impact Of Dance

Dance trends in the 60's had a very positive effect on society. People used some dance to express themselves or break out of their shell. For some people dancing helps them "calm down" when stressed like how contemporary dancers are. Have you ever seen someone mad, sad, or even upset when their dancing. Toward the future more people will and have liked to dance and have a wonderful time doing it.

Fun Facts

  • "The Stroll" came out in the 50's but was popular mostly in the 60's.
  • Many songs were named after animals to have q very unique dance to it.
  • "The Swim" became a well known dance people use today for jokes.
  • The 60's was a time to make your own song and dance.
  • "The Twist" was the most popular dance of all time in he 60's.