Emma Clements

8th Grade Grifton School

All about me

I started Grifton mid-way in kindergarten. I have stayed all the way through eighth grade and I plan on going to Ayden-Grifton. I am classified as one of the top ones in my class.

My personality animal is a shark because I like to pursue my own goals and I am very competitive.

When I grow up I want to graduate with a masters in Bio-Chemical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering. I want to start my own Engineering firm and be able to do work all over the world.

Our AIG topic this year is Conflict. We have been discussing Micro and Macro conflicts. Our teachers name is Marie Lupo.
The YouTube Boy Band - it's all about you(tube)

My Birthday YAYYYYY!!!!!

Wednesday, Jan. 21st 2015 at 9pm

The World

Micro Conflict Poem


Smart, Loyal, Musician, Female

Books, My friends, My bed

Annoying siblings, Pink, Non-Fiction

I have books, I'm at church, Shawn Mendes is on the radio

I'm away from home, Panera is closed, I'm out of books

Marcus Butler,Chocolate

Annoying sisters,Time passing

I'm with my parents, I'm at home

No Wi-fi, Getting older


If I Stay - Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone
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