My Mount Rushmore

by Morgan Conner

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is near Keystone, South Dakota. It was designed by Gutzon Borglum, and has these four faces of former presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The great memorial was completed in 1941. For my vacation in 2012 I saw Mount Rushmore. It was really cool. If I could make my own Mount Rushmore I would have the faces of these people, who are important to me, carved into the granite: my mom, my dad, LeBron James, and Tom Osborne.

My mom

The first person I would put on my Mount Rushmore is my mom, Kerry Conner. She was born in Geneva, Nebraska, and she works at YMS. My mom deserves to be on Mount Rushmore because she finds time to go to all of my activities and basketball games. She cares for me by buying me clothes and food. Sometimes she even helps me with my homework. I think she is awesome.

My dad

Someone else that is important to me, that should be on Mount Rushmore is my dad, Brad Conner. He was born in Seward, Nebraska. My dad works at Conner Roofing with my grandpa and my uncle. He builds great things for my family and with wood from a barn he took apart. In his extra time he is a basketball coach for my team, and he helps me get better at playing sports. He is the best dad ever!


My favorite athlete, LeBron James, should be on Mount Rushmore. LeBron James is a small forward for a NBA team called the Miami Heat. He was born in a small town in Ohio called Akron, and played high school basketball there. He skipped college and went straight to the NBA. LeBron started out his career on the Cleveland Cavaliers and eventually got traded to the Miami Heat. I love to watch him play basketball on TV. He usually makes three pointers and dunks. LeBron won MVP three times and is a nine time NBA All-Star. He helped the Heat win the Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. I hope LeBron James has many more championships to come.


The final person I would put on my Mount Rushmore is Tom Osborne. Tom Osborne was one most successful coaches in college football. He was the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers for 25 years, but he retired in 1997. I think it is cool that he was a wide reciever for the Washington Redskins and the Sanfrancisco 49ers before he was a football coach. As a coach, his teams never won fewer than nine games in a season. Tom Osborne is a great role model, good coach, and a very cool person.


You have just read about the four people I would put on Mount Rushmore: my mom and dad, LeBron James, and Tom Osborne. These people are very important to me. It would be cool if they were actually on Mount Rushmore.

Morgan Conner