"Crocodiles Rock"

Will Ironside

About Me

Are you looking for a big guy? I'm Chad the Crocodile, and the largest of the reptiles. I have a great smile with sixty pearly whites. :) My skin may be very dry, but my personality is super smooth. Although I have four little short legs, I am remarkably fast and will run away with your heart. <3 I have special transparent eyelids that allow me to see when submerged under water. I am FISHing for a mate, like an Angelfish (because she would be heavenly) or a clown-fish (to make me laugh).

About You

Since we are both cold-blooded, we will get along swimmingly. My dream date would include a dip in the lake and visiting her "school" to learn more about her. Then we can "Crocodile Rock" and as the Elton John song goes "well Crocodile Rocking is something shocking/ when your feet just can't stand still/ I never knew me a better time and I guess I never will".
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