My Genius Hour Project:

How can we integrate more exercise into early education?

For my Genius Hour Project, I chose to research the links between exercise and education in early childhood development. This topic is very important to me because I believe that in order for young children to learn adequately, they must be able to exercise their bodies as well as their brains. In doing so, children are able to retain information better and to learn more efficiently. This topic is becoming increasingly important as activity levels in children are currently dropping in the United States. By reversing this effect, we can aid in early childhood education greatly.

I chose this topic because I was an incredibly hyper and active child growing up. I had a very difficult time sitting still and paying attention in class because I always had so much energy growing up. As with me, many kids have this difficulty in their early childhood because young children naturally have more energy than adults. Like me, most children struggle to sit still and pay attention in class because they are too energetic. I believe that by integrating more exercise and movement into early childhood education, it is possible to make it easier for kids to learn faster, more efficiently, and it will aid them in learning later on in life.

This topic is relevant to teachers of classrooms in kindergarten through about fifth grade. Teachers who are able to use exercise in their daily classrooms will increase their students’ attention spans, activity rates, and concentration levels, thus creating a much more fluid and efficient classroom environment. Parents can also benefit from this topic because they too can help their children integrate exercise with education. Parents that raise active and athletic children can benefit in all of the same ways that teachers do. I will begin my research by reading and reviewing various teacher testimonies about my topic. Many scientific tests and experiments have been done on the relationship between education and exercise. I will also search for products and technology that allows for this integration. There are many different new forms of technology that allow young children to exercise while they learn because it is such a poignant and important issue.

Technologies and Pedal Bikes are great technologies to help children stay active while they learn

Here is my Genius Hour Post on these technologies.


#KinderChat was a great resource for my Genius Hour Project

Other educators that helped me learn about this topic were @PlayChange, @BUILDInitiative, and @slblackburnsth