A Message from Mitch Holmes

The True Conservative Republican

What do 5.000 trees mean to Keller?

My fellow Keller citizens:

Years ago, Keller chose to embrace trails and trees as a theme and initiative as we market our city to those who would come here. We have spent millions of dollars improving our parks and open spaces for the benefit of our families.

We even chose a tree as our official logo.

You may have heard about the extreme struggle over the citizen's attempt to save 5,000 trees on what is called The Gean Estate, which has about 100 acres of undeveloped land.

Recently, a residential development was brought before Keller City Council proposing high end homes with a donation of a 35 acre park/nature preserve. This preserve is in the Parks Master Plan and it was identified when that plan was created.

My opponent voted against the park, in favor of building homes on that rare site. Her reasons are known only to her, but her stance on a rigid 8 tenths of an acre per home site in all parts of Keller is the result.

Keller is losing 5,000 trees, many of which are old growth Oak Trees.

This potential park is just a little smaller than Bear Creek Park, that almost every Keller citizen uses and loves.

Can you imagine the loss of the trees and land of Bear Creek Park? Can you imagine what it would look like today if it were covered in houses and concrete?

I believe in balance. We need balance in our budget and taxes, balance in our residential and commercial developments and balance in our city.

We must work together as a team to be sure we do the right thing for all Keller residents, regardless of which side of 1709 they live on.

So far, in the last 2 years, under my opponent's watch Keller has seen:

1. The defeat of a transportation bond that would have funded the much need repairs and maintenance of our streets and intersections, as well as special projects in Old Town Keller.

2. The addition of several drive through establishments in Town Center as well as other parts of town.

3. Several resale, or second hand stores being approved.

4. The grinding to a halt of commercial and residential development.

5. The loss of 12 out of 15 Executive level staff employees.

6. A deep divide of citizens in North Keller vs South Keller.

7. The literal ripping out of 5,000 trees on the Gean Estates, just because of the desire to enforce strict zoning at all costs.

8. My opponent's vote against a tax reduction.

It is time for us to stop the aggressive taking of our town.

it is time for us to protect our parks and trees.

it is time for us to demand fair representation for all citizens, not just special interest groups.

It is time for us to insist on ethics in all parts of our city government.

Please join me in returning Keller to the peaceful, respectful city that we have all enjoyed for years. Early voting continues through May 5 at Town Hall. Election Day is May 9.

Respectfully asking for your vote,

Mitch Holmes

Candidate for Keller City Council, Place 1

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