25 Year Car Ban in the U.S.

Environment/Safety Hazard or U.S. Economy Booster?

The idea behind the 25 year ban

The 25 year ban known as the Federal Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act of 1988 states that cars not produced in the United States or made specifically for the United States can not be imported into the U.S. legally. This law states that the car has to be at least twenty five years old before they allow it come to the U.S., anything before that has to be rigorously checked and modified to comply with our standards, which is very costly. The claim is that these cars do not meet emission and safety standards. The real question is if they do not "meet" these standards now what will change in the 25 years? Also realistically there are still millions of American made cars that are 21 years or older that do not meet these standards. Many believe this solely law was enacted to force Americans to buy new domestic cars to increase our economy.(1)(2)

The Outcome

This law prevents hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts from having their dream cars. The United States is ashamed that these foreign auto manufacturers create better cars than the United States. The government only enacted this law to try to promote domestic car sales and increasing the United States economy. There are no hard cold facts that this cars many of us want to import are unsafe or cause more pollution than the average joe car.
Fast and Furious 4 - Tuning scene

Fast the Furious Four

In this video one of these cars is illegal in the United States and one is legal. Dom's Chevelle is legal in the United States and probably produces twice as much pollution as Brian's Skyline yet it is illegal. Both cars have about the same amount of safety features yet the foreign built Skyline is not allowed in the United States ruining many of car enthusiasts dreams.

(R.I.P Paul Walker)