Positive Punishments

Effects of Positive Punishments

Ways to Punish Your Child That will Have a Positive Effect

When a child does something of bad behavior, parents often tend to go the punishment route. This is a way of showing the child that what they did, or said was wrong. Every parent has a different way to punish a child. Some of those methods include : whippings, time outs, extra chores, electronics taken away and many others. Given that all of these are common punishments, we do have to ask ourselves if this is a positive way to teach our children right from wrong? Lets explore the effects harsh punishments on children.

Negative Effects on Harsh Punishments

Whippings: It is believed that whippings may lead to an increase in child aggression.

(Darcia Narvaez Ph.D.)

Physical abuse: This method often times lead to resentment issues or early aggression in the adult life. Portraying what they once saw and inflecting it on to someone else.

Detainment: Some parents find that locking away the child(ren) can result in them thinking about why they did what they did. This could cause for the child to feel neglected and unwanted.

Ignoring: This shows the child that a sense of care is not around.

A More Positive Way to Punish Children

Besides the use of a belt, the hand or any other objects, what are some more positive way in which a parent can punish a child? Lets look at this list of positive punishments.

  • Time out
  • Taking of electronics
  • Earlier curfew(for older adolescents)
  • Talks
  • Rewards for good behavior

Exploring Your Option Further

If you are a parent who has tried many different methods and nothing seems to be working there are more options. There are different programs for parents and their child to get an experience for the parent and the child. These class or programs are for parents with children who may have trouble positively disciplining their children.

  • Online classes(Life matters)
  • In-Class sessions between child and parent