Sing with Ms. Driscoll!

and your whole family, too! --- April 20th, 2020

Let's make music with the BEST instrument EVER. Our Voices;)

For the next 10 weeks, we're going to explore singing in the "Round". You don't need special instruments or know how to read music. Just gather round and use your voices to make music. Besides sounding AWESOME, singing makes us feel better. We can destress and connect with others. Even those who can't be near us can sing to us from across the street, through their windows, or on their porches. Challenge yourselves, your family and even your neighbors to join the voices with simple, fun songs that become unexpectedly complex when we sing them in a "Round".

What is Singing in a Round?

If we all sing it together, we are singing in unison. Notice the first part of the word unison is uni. It looks a lot like the Spanish word uno, meaning one.

But, what if one person started singing, and then the next person started a few words later? Almost like an echo. In the videos below we will learn a simple round together.


Oh, How Lovely is a traditional German Folk song, or lullaby. It has three phrases and can be sung with up to three groups in the round. Each phrase is three measures long. The time signature is 6/8, meaning there are six 8th notes in each measure. You can count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, with 1 and 4 being the strong beats. Swaying from side to side on these strong beats can help you stay in time.

Oh, How Lovely

Oh, How Lovely Rhythm
Oh, How Lovely Solfege
Oh, How Lovely Melody
Oh, How Lovely 2 part
Oh, How Lovely in 3 parts
Oh, How Lovely Practice Track