My Ed Tech Bucket List

GaETC 2016 Poster Session : Kris McBride

Session Overview

Due to the nature of my job, I have a limited amount of time to collaborate with teachers. While there are tons of things I would love to share with them, I've learned to narrow my ideas down to make sure every minute counts. Hence this Bucket List for Ed Tech. My overall goal is to harness the power of technology to work smarter (not harder), engage students and help make learning meaningful and fun.

A Quick Intro

  • Wife and Mom
  • Educator: 7 years in the classroom, First and Fourth Grade teacher in Dougherty County, KSU iTeach since 2001, Masters of Instructional Technolgy 2014
  • Personalized Learning Initiative: Medlock Bridge, Mountain Park, Dolvin, Crabapple Crossing, Barnwell, Mimosa, New Prospect, Manning Oaks, Esther Jackson, Hembree Springs, Sweet Apple and Roswell North ES.
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1. Prepare to get messy!

Learning is messy but also fun, exciting, and challenging. Get your mindset ready first. Don't use technology just to say you used it. Use it to accomplish tasks that you couldn't have done without it. Be prepared to have a growth mindset and prepare to fail up. Technology doesn't work 100% of the time. Nothing does. It is okay to let your students see you experience failure and learn from this as well.

2. Create a digital presence.

Think about different options like Weebly, Google Sites, Remind, Edmodo, Twitter, etc. What is your goal? Are you trying to reach parents, students, a wider community, all of the above?

3. What is your goal?

Use the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) to help teachers identify goals they would like to work on. Point them to tools that help them accomplish that goal.

4. Call me "Cheap and Easy".

Too often people think only of games when they think of devices. There are actually a lot of creativity apps that are perfect for the classroom. Allowing students to show what they know by creating something is more meaningful than having them complete just a worksheet. Below are some of my favorites:

5. Sharing is Caring.

Now that your students have created work, consider sharing it out to a wider audience.

What method works best for you? How do you get work out of an iPad. Hint: Go back to step 2!