Be Nice to Water

Damien Salazar

The Problem

There are many ways humans abuse water. Clean water gets polluted every day. We need to quit polluting the water because when it's all polluted we can't use it anymore. We need to protect and conserve the water.

Water Loss

It takes years to replenish the water we use. We use a lot of water every day, and the majority of it is being wasted. We're going to run out of pure usable water real fast if we don't start to save it.

Water gets polluted in many different ways.

Every day people dump chemicals and paints down the drain every year. Factories dump waste into lakes and oceans. There's too much stuff being dump into the oceans. When sewage inters the ocean it starts to deplete the oxygen killing off fish. The water is becoming too contaminated with pollutants. In one hundred years all the pure water on earth could be polluted and unusable.

The Solution

We need to quit littering and dumping chemicals in the ocean. We also need to take short showers and turn the faucet off while brushing our teeth. We waste too much water and we need to quit. If we wait too long it may be to late to help.