PL Keeping You in the Know 9/24/14 vol 1.2

October Campus Professional Learning Day

Please remember the following when planning for October 10.
  • Submit courses in Eduphoria by September 26.
  • Attach learning plan with specific learning outcomes under the notes tab.
  • If your plan is in Google drive, paste link into notes tab.
  • Please contact Michelle King or Shawna Miller with any questions.

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

CHAMPS Classroom Management (attend one cohort -Cohort 1, Cohort 2, Cohort 3)

Cooperative Learning (attend one or both sessions -The Basics, Beyond the Basics)

Coaching for Results Level 1 (attend one cohort - Cohort A or Cohort B)

Coaching for Results Level II (attend one cohort - Cohort A, Cohort B, or Cohort C)

First Year Teacher Support in LISD

LISD First Year Teachers are offered the following support in LISD:
  • First Year Teacher Academy, New Employee Campus Day, and New Employee District Day in August
  • Meetings to collaborate together and provide specific support
  • A coach - collaborates with monthly, including observation
  • Campus mentor
  • 4 Peer observations
Administrator support for First Year Teachers includes:
  • Provide a list of 4 teachers for them to observe.
  • Observe them frequently, and offer feedback.
  • Encourage participation in FYT support meetings.
  • Collaborate with their first year teacher coach to target specific areas for growth.
  • If you have any questions about FYT, please contact Angela Hinkelman.
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