William H. Taft

The 27th president

Life Before Becoming Predsident

Before presidency Taft attended Yale University. After graduating second class at Yale, Taft studied law at the University of Cincinnati. Later, Taft took on a seat on the U.S Supreme Court. Soon after, in 1887 Taft became a judge in Ohio Superior Court. In 1890 he was appointed as U.S solicitor general.

What did William Taft do as president?

William Taft was elected September 15, 1857. Following Theodore Roosevelt was hard, being that the Roosevelt was a great president. In 1909, Taft signed off on the Payne-Aldrich Act. Many people often overlooked his achievements, including his trust-busting efforts, his empowering of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to set railroad rates, and his support of constitutional amendments mandating a federal income tax and the direct election of senators by the people (as opposed to appointment by state legislatures).

5 interesting facts about William Taft

  1. He was the last president to have facial hair
  2. He was the first president to own a car
  3. He got stuck in The White House's bathtub
  4. He was tone deaf
  5. He weighed over 330 pounds