Malayan Tiger

Definition and Classification

A Malayan Tiger is a carnivore.An endangered species is any type of plant or animal that is endangered of disappearing forever.There are not a lot of Malayan Tiger.There only 250 to 340 Malayan Tigers left in the world.


The Malayan Tiger lives in southeast Asia.Logging company and road development pose big treats to Malayan Tigers habitats.They live an something like a forest and it is starting to disappear.They are losing all of their trees and they will not be able to live.When they tare down the trees they will make roads were they tore down the trees.

Prey and Predator

They eat Deer,Cattle, and Wild Boar.I am not aware of any animals that eat Malayan Tiger.Food comes in the form of prey, for which the tiger spends interference with population numbers of the prey,the tigers lives are in serious danger.


After a gestation period 16 weeks (about 3.5 months) a tiger gives birth to a live litter,usually comprising three or four cubs.However, litters of up to seven cubs have been know to occur.They relied on their mommy's for 18 months.

were endangered

A Malayan Tiger became endangered because if the hunters keep killing Deer and Cattle.The Malayan Tiger is coming endangered because of that reason.So they need to stop killing there food.

How can I help the Malayan Tigers

I can try to get the hunters to stop killing all of their food.This excessive population would then totally ravage its food sources - vegetation.If the vegetation in the jungles was devastated,smaller animals and insects would not survive there.