Recruiting Bloggers!

Day in the life of a student teacher

SSU School of Education

SSU School of Education is recruiting student teachers for our series "Day in the life of a student teacher."

Dear AAAEL student teachers, we need you to sign up for a week to post one 300-500 word blog entry.

  • Tell your story in 300-500 words: audience will be SSU students, alumni and local educators
  • Illustrate your experience of what it's like to be in the SSU credential program as a student teacher/co-teacher
  • Articles should be like a diary, with a slice of life flavor
  • Describe your experiences to help recruit and encourage future students to enroll in the credential program
  • Emphasize your relationships between the student teacher and the kids; student teacher and the mentor teacher; student teacher and SSU faculty
  • Reflect on what it's like to plan lessons
  • Reflect on what it's like to reach students and what it feels like to work in a high school environment

Important Information:

  • Real names of minors should NOT be used in your articles; you can change their names or avoid using names
  • The blog article requires one picture of you and a second picture is recommended in your article to supplement what you are writing about
  • If a minor does appears in the photo, you will need to have their parent sign a photo release
  • Blogs will be viewed on the School of Education website and the AAAEL website. Blogs will also be shared on social media.
  • Once posted, we want to tag you and hope you will help us share your story online.

Sign up for one week!

Last week of January

2nd and 4th week of February

2nd and 4th week of March

1st and 3rd week of April

1st week of May