Cheater's Diet

By: Adam Anderson


You can cheat on your diet every weekend and still lose weight, in fact it is encouraged.

This is a strange claim because normally you cannot cheat on your diet and many people may go back to their bad habits when they start to cheat and can't stop.

Foods You Can't Eat

Weekend - you can not have foods that may trigger overeating

Weekdays - you may not have sugar, bread, bananas, rice, potatoes, saturated fats, and alcohol

Comparison to Food Pyramid

This diet consists of mainly fruits and vegetables. Your plate should have half fruits and vegetables, a quarter with lean protein, and a quarter whole grains. This diet does not say that you need any dairy or not.


People might be more vulnerable to try out this diet because you are able to cheat on the weekends and even encouraged to. Also, you will not have to change much in your diet if you already stick to the recommended servings and foods.

Long Term

If you stay on this diet, you will not really be at risk for any long term issues, but you might not get the recommended servings of everything that your body needs.


You should not eat out on this diet and should probably cook the meals from scratch in order to get the right portions.