English IV Newsletter

Second Six Weeks

Attendance and Late Work

Many students are missing assignments because of their attendance. With block scheduling, being absent is basically missing two classes for periods 2-4! This is not a good habit to get into in school or in the workplace. Students should stay on top of their classwork by accessing Canvas when they miss class and if they must be out, they should come to tutoring as soon as possible.

Attendance is vital to do well. Missing assignments will always be labeled as 'msg' in the grade book on the day due regardless of reason. Once I receive the missing/late work the 'msg' will change to the grade earned.

Even when students are out or on days that they don't have me, students may contact me via email, Canvas, or Remind. There are numerous ways to get a question or problem clarified or answered.

My tutoring schedule is always located in Canvas and is posted Sunday of each new week. If the schedule changes, I will send out a Remind to let students know I am not available.

I work with students on missing/late assignments and if the work does not get turned in I do tell them that I will contact their parents/guardians. They don't like this but I've worked with them throughout the six weeks to grant them the opportunity to make it right. I update grades on a regular basis so viewing HAC on a regular basis will let you know where your student is at.

If you have any questions about HAC, please let me know and I will do my best to answer your question or find the answer for you.

College Applications

This six weeks, we are working on our college applications or scholarship essays (depending on where they have set their sites). We will work on one college essay in class. If students need or want help on additional essays I am happy to help them.

Students should have their application completed on www.applytexas.org. They do not have to wait for their SAT/ACT scores.

We have researched colleges and they have self-selected at least three that they are interested. We have also discussed all of the scholarship opportunities available. I have provided a resource on Canvas for them and as parents, you are able to view these as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

PSAT Testing

Wednesday, Oct. 19th 2016 at 9am

4101 Thompson Road

Fort Worth, TX

Sophomores and Juniors will be taking the PSAT test today. Freshman have the option to register for the PSAT. ONLY seniors will have late arrival.

Upcoming Assignment Due dates

Second Six Weeks Long-term Assignments

Key Long-term assignments:

Summative Assignments:

September 27/28 - College Application Essay

October 18/19 - Opinion Editorial (Op Ed)

October 26/27 - Writer's notebook

*due dates may change depending on progress through material