The real Slim Shady


Eminem is a white rapper that has won a lot of MTV awards because hes on a movie called "8 Mile". He's often made fun of and has every once in a while a Black guy being really raciest to him! He's had a hard child hood and if you listen to some of his songs he talks about it, especially in 8 mile! He has changed rap music forever.

The background of Marshal Mathers

Marshal Bruce Mather's III was born in st. Joseph Missouri on October 17, 1972. His mom and dad are Debbie Briggs-Mather's (Mom) and Marshal Bruce Mather's II (Dad). His mom was only 15 when she had Marshal! Not long after he was born his dad packed his bags and left the family, never to be seen again. Marshal was sent from house to house, and because he's attended so many schools his mom finally set down in Detroit. At that time Marshal was only 12 years old and that maximum time he spent in a school was 3 months.

He got bullied at every school he attended and later got back at them by dissing them publicly in his songs.Marshall did pretty well in school considering the circumstances until he got to year 9. He failed for the third year in a row and decided that he had had enough. School just wasn’t for him, so he left to work on what he was most passionate about: rapping. He had been lip-synching to hip hop songs ever since he was 4 and if he wasn’t a comic book shop owner he had this dream to be a rapper. He started getting a name for himself when he was 17, even though he got into the rap game when he was 14. He was using the initials from his first and last names to form his rap name “M & M” which later became “Eminem” because of his race, he got rejected by people all the time, even though he was a really talented rapper. Determined to prove everyone wrong, he forced himself to go on radio shows and participate in freestyle battles. In 1995, Marshall recorded his first album titled Infinite, which only sold about 1000 copies. That same year, his high school sweet heart, now wife, Kim, gave birth to his only child, a little girl named Hailie Jade Scott.Having nothing to lose, flat broke and in desperate need for money to support Hailie and Kim, Marsh set out to rave about his life in general where he caught ear of hip hops hard to please underground. Out of this came the Slim Shady Ep named after his alter ego. Em, down to his lest dime, participated in the 1997 Rap Olympics in LA aiming to win the $1,500 cash prize he badly needed. He battled for an hour throwing back every diss he was thrown and managed to get into the grand final. Unfortunately Marshal slipped and lost the battle! Not noticing he was noticed by a few producers and after they bought his album they tracked him down and made his second album the slim shady EP fallowed by the slim shady LP. This album made it to #1 on the US album chart and won 3 Grammy's! and was the first rap song to be nominated album of the year selling 8 million records in america alone.

Music career and accomplishment's

Marshal first started rapping in 1999 his first song Slim Shady EP. But not only is he a rapper but he's also a record producer, and a actor! One of his first accomplishment was when he made his first single "my name is" then in 2000 made his second studio album "The Marshal Mather's LP. The Marshal Mather's LP sold over 19 million copies world wide, which won him a Grammy award for best rap album. He also showed that white people can rap to, not just black people. He has a lot of racial comments to him because he was white!

How and who did he influence

He really influenced anyone who was white or who is going through the stuff that he did when he was a kid. but it all happens in his songs he doesn't just go up to someone and tell them all this stuff he talks about it in his raps. He first proves in his raps that white people can rap just as good as people of the different race. he always gets raciest comments said to him, at least he did, he proved that he and all other people can rap just as good as another and that it doesn't matter about race when it comes to singing or rapping! Or that if your going through some bad stuff he tells you he's been through the same stuff and makes people who are going through the stuff he did think that if he was put through the same stuff and ended up like he is now then I can too!

He thought that life was gonna suck for him until he found himself changing rap music and proved to people that when it comes to rapping anyone or any race is able to do it!