Dope Dolphins

By: Dominick Musco


Whoosh! A magnificent dolphin just rose above the water, and you saw! These creatures have a very interesting diet, habitat and their body structure. There are many facts about these three traits of dolphins.


So as you see, these underwater creatures have a lot more features than you thought. From their habitat, diet, and body structure. So I hope you’ve learned a lot more about dolphins. And I hope you now know many more about dolphins.

Word Wall

Use this word wall to know even more about dolphins!
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Comic Strip

Here's a comic about what you can do to save dolphins!
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For my diorama, I put my project, the dolphin, a sea turtle, some seaweed, coral, a jellyfish, a normal fish, a starfish, and a squid
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Go Fish!

Splash! I have just bought a fish tank and decorations for it. I also bought four fish. They were 19in. and $35.13 in total. I bought two red and white ryukin column fish. I seemed to love their colors. I also bought an Acei Cichlid. It was great and looked like a pet i’d want! Finally, I bought a bleeding heart tetra. It was a very interesting fish, and I threw it into the pile. Those are reasons I chose those fish. The tank and decor costed a total of $180.81 dollars. With a budget of $250, I spent $247.94. I feel that everything I bought was a great choice. Now I can buy a snack with $2.6!

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How Dolphins Use Echolocation / SONAR