Bright Lights with Great Sights

Our collective learning curve is trending UP!

Kids playing, being active, having fun with friends

Enough said. Our playground rocks at recess.

Reading reading reading-with a teacher, a pal, or by oneself.

Our Primary School's focus upon reading is displayed below in three different ways. A teacher reading aloud with a child, a 4th grader jotting after reading part of her story, and silent reading during the readers' workshop. Reading skills are always being improved here.

Technology and our 4Ker's

Code-a-pillars are tools to help children learn about directionality and planning. Here are Mrs. McMahon's techies during STEM time using the devices to demonstrate the skills learned during the introduction. They sure had fun learning. Thanks Mrs. Iwanski for your big assist with the activity.

Mike Budisch

The faces of our children bring me joy every day. The smiles, the grins, the missing teeth, and the joy of something working right or getting the right answer, there is no susbstitute for the happy face of a child. Thanks for sharing your children with us, they are amazing.