Digustive Sytem

By Drew Danda

Diagram of the digusting system

Main Funtion

The digestive system breaks down food and gives the body energy. It also makes waste that goes out of the body. Some organs that the digestive system has are The large intstine, the small intestine, and the gallbladder. The large intestine stores and let's out waste. The small intestine breaks down food. And finally, the gallbladder holds digestive liquid to let out when digesting is needed.

The large Intestine

The large Intestine's main propose it to store and let out waste. It stores solid waste before the large intestine let's the waste out though the anus. In addition, it absorbs water from liquid waste and then it let's that stuff out. The large intestine does almost no disgusting and it is made of colon, rectum, and anal canal tissues


Gastroenteritis is a bad disease relating to the digestive system. It is more common for children to get this disease. It is usually caused by drinking dirty water. But, this can be prevented if you drink clean water and you will probably never get it. Some symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal pains, and dehydration if there is heavy diarrhea. Millions of children die form Gastroenteritis each year.

More diseases


Inflammatory bowel disease,

and Colic

organs that can be removed

The Gallbladder is the only organ you can live without because all it does is hold digestive liquid for degusting and that it really it.

Other organ system interacting

The brain controls when to degust food and the digestive system sends feedback to the brain. Also the muscular system also helps degust the food.