Connection between Huckleberry Finn and exploitation

The Book

In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim was a black slave who didn’t have the same rights as white people did. Since he was black no one would listen to him or take his judgement into consideration because of his skin color. So, he needed Huckleberry Finn, a white person accepted and respected in society's help in advocating for himself.

The Mentally and Physically Disabled

Mentally and physically disabled people because they are in fact disabled, either cannot speak for themselves, or no one listens to what they have to say because they’re disabled. So in the real world they indeed need someone who is accepted and respected in societies help advocating for them. People such as siblings, parents or grandparents

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Slaves, like Jim from the book used to be denied the rights to education, housing, and any employment other than being a slave, because of their skin color. The mentally and physically disabled are also denied the rights to education, housing, and employment because of their incompetence. These relate to each other because in both cases, the people are being denied rights due to something they were born with and cannot change.