The Lovely Lobster!

By: Emily Sailer


You will be shocked to learn that a fisherman that catches lobster has to catch 150 pounds of lobster a day to cover the cost for bait and gas. A lobster has a fascinating appearance, they have a spectacular habitat,and they eat bizarre animals for food. The ferocious animal is a very interesting sea creature.


Lastly,the marine animal appearance is shocking, they have a distinctive habitat, and they chomp on peculiar animals. Lobsters are a very special creature to the marine life!


This is my diorama of the lobster's habitat. It includes so many interesting creatures that can be found in the same habitat of the lovely lobster!

1.Blue Whale


3.Humpback Whale

4.Sea Turtle

5.Clown Fish

6.Blue Tang


8.Jelly Fish

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Go Fish

I had so much fun designing my fish tank for such awesome fish.During the Go Fish activity I have decided to purchase the Red Female Veitail Betta , the Carpenters Flasher Wrasse, and the Blue Ring Angel Fish. In total between my fish and my tank I spent $199.68. Lastly, to support my fish in their tank I need 18 gallons of water. This project was a lot of fun to work on!

Word Wall

Check out my word wall to learn more vocabulary about the lobster.
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Take my quiz to test your knowledge on lobster. Lets see how much you have learned about the spectacular lobster!


Down below is an amazing video of a lobster at the sea floor. Watch this video to learn more about the lovely lobster.

Amazing Pictures

Look at these amazing pictures of lobster!