First Class Passengers

Banks Lacey

What did first class passengers have that others didn't?

The first class passengers on the titanic weren't just ordinary people. The first class was make up of famous and very wealthy people who paid tons of money for their ticket. Among them were politicians, businessmen, bankers, professional athletes, industrialists, and many others. Since they paid more, they had many special privileges that third and second class people didn't, such as access to the gymnasium. In Passengers Recreation Areas it said "Of course passengers could access some of these areas only if they had a certain class of ticket or were a certain class of ticket." This is just one of the places where first class was only allowed. They had a smoking room (only used by men) for every class, including third class. This was not the same for the reading and writing. It could only be used by the first class people. Other places such as the swimming pool and lounge could be used by first class only. As you can see, the first class travelers had many privileges that others didn't and got what they paid for. What class do you think you would be in?

Did many first class people die? How did they survive, or die?

To start off, most women and children in first class were the most likely to survive and most did. Although men weren't supposed to get in until all women and children were on a lifeboat some men did find a way to slip their way into one. Since classes were treated differently tons of chaos began when they started releasing the lifeboats. The captain knew that there weren't enough lifeboats to hold everyone so he ordered first class people first then second class, the rest would have to swim for it. In conclusion, most first class passengers survived, but not all did and they survived by finding a spot on one of the lifeboats.

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